Established in 2006, the Karamel Club has become the place of enjoyment with events held all year round. Set within the culturally diverse and creative community of North London, the Karamel Club has grown to become a top choice establishment used to build and share memories and inspiration.

As a multipurpose venue, the Karamel Club provides a strong venue that stands to provide space for comedy shows, live performances, music festivals, and more. The venue has grown to focus on showcasing the work of old and new musicians, artists, writers, and filmmakers.

What makes the Karamel Club stand out from other venues in North London is the excellent Indian fusion dining restaurant, La Kera. The restaurant sites along the venue to provide a large range of culinary opportunities for guests to enjoy.

Drawing on the experiences of guests and events, the Karamel Club was created to bring something fresh to the table by accommodating events of all kinds, from art exhibitions to musical performances, and comedy hour.

The Karamel Club offers a perfect mix of bar and venue as we offer a variety of entertainment including Live Bands, comedy, spoken word, theater, and more. Allow us to inspire you with our set up for your next event.